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Whether you need a routine cleaning or a tooth extraction, Amethyst Dental Care will be there for you. Our team has the expertise needed to perform
everything from routine cleanings and exams to restoring dental implants. We're a family-based dental office in Rochester, MN that will always welcome new Patients.

Once you experience the way we do things, you won't dread going to the dentist. Call 507-282-7905 today to make an appointment for dental services with a friendly member of our staff.

About Us

About Us

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Dental Services

Dental Services

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Current News

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The most fun I've ever had at the dentist.

-Nate from Rochester, MN

Why depend on us to handle your dental needs?

Finding the right dentist for your family can be tricky. Are you looking for a dentist in Rochester, MN that's...

  • Experienced? We have over 31 years of experience providing dental services.
  • Honest? We'll provide reliable services and accurate assessments of your needs.
  • Reassuring? Our goal is to make you feel comfortable during every visit.

From answering all your questions to lightening the mood by singing, our dentists will go above and beyond for you.

Learn more about our singing dentist by visiting our Amethyst Dental Care Facebook page today.

Looking for a dentist?

We know the feeling...


  • Option A) choose a highly qualified dentist with no sense of humor, a stale office environment, and a
    team too busy to give you extra time and answer your questions (them)
  • Option B) choose a highly qualified dentist with a quirky sense of humor, a friendly office environment, and small team who gives extra time to every patient and believes that comfort is part of our job description (us)



We are kid friendly, mother-in-law friendly, family friendly, and dog friendly. (No actually, please leave cuddly Fido at home.)
Contact us for your initial consultations! Give us a call at  507-282-7905