About Us

John C. Boeker DDS & Dory G. Gardner DDS

We met in dental school near Dory's home in Iowa. Married in 1986, we took over Dr. Don McNevin's 30 + year practice in Rochester in July, 1989.

Our office is family-oriented because we believe that everyone needs to be involved in the entire process to learn and feel comfortable. My wife and I have been providing high quality care to, not only our patients, but the entire community. We annually visit and volunteer to teach kids at both private and public schools and community organizations for over 20 years. We believe that every single person deserves to have the knowledge and tools to have a complete and natural smile that is unique and beautiful to them.

"I hate dentists! So far, you’re my favorite one."

–Paulina from Rochester, MN

Our private, individualized and personal office is always welcoming new patients because we encourage people to visit no matter the situation. If you haven’t seen a dentist in while or if you just saw one last week, we welcome your visit. Our staff members also believe in this philosophy and they are as much a part of this family as our 24 year old son, now a Sophomore at Marquette Dental School.

Our staff members include:

  • Connie, our receptionist
  • Kelle, one of our dental assistants
  • Colleen, our other dental assistant
  • Jane, our hygienist
  • Dory, our nice dentist
  • John, our other dentist

Come visit us soon and see for yourself!

Contact Amethyst Dental Care LLC today at (507) 282-9288  to schedule your appointment, or browse the for more information about our services.